Stephen Hand

Woodturner and Rocking Horse Maker


Local craftsman Stephen Hand has, as a carpenter, worked with all types of wood all his working life. Now retired he has turned, literally, his love of wood into an art form through wood turning.

His knowledge and love of the material is evident in his workings of the various woods, as he says the timber itself tells him how it wants to be. And that could be anything from an eggcup, a bowl, or a vase, right up to a rocking horse.

Most of the wood is sourced locally on the peninsula (local roadworks have provided a bounteous supply !) Then the timber has to be stored and dried, which can take several years before it is suitable for turning. Once turned to the desired article it then has to be sanded, oiled and polished, sometimes several times over before being considered ready for sale.

Anyone looking for a unique gift, or indeed a nice piece for their own home can see Stephens work in Country Crest at Jones Garden Centre, or phone him on

085 8833267